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But why the connection from one inland community to a certain beach town? “You tend to gravitate to where you feel at ease.” While Schwarzwalder and his wife, who bought in the upscale Shore community about 22 years ago for business purposes, defy the trend of coming from the Philadelphia suburbs, they are well aware that is where most of their Shore neighbors live in the off-season.

“These are homes that are used by the people that actually own them,” said Russo.

Year-round residents note that there are downsides to living in a town where most of the property owners are from someplace else and homes are occupied only a few months each year.

Besides being a unique geographical location with water on three sides, Longport has become a sound investment - if you have the means, said Mayor Nick Russo.

While property values have increased in the last five years, the tax rate is the lowest in Atlantic County,” said Russo.

Hassis also had another men’s shop in the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City.

“For us it is a no-brainer to have a summer store,” said Peter Marziano, the men’s shop's general manager. Religion also may play a part in where people buy vacation homes.

The latter group is dominated by owners from the Main Line and other wealthy Pennsylvania suburbs such as West Chester and Newtown. Owners from Northeast and South Philly congregate in the Wildwoods.

Jackie Burke, 42, of Moorestown, who has been renting the same Avalon Shore home for years, knows her landlords are from somewhere in the Pennsylvania suburbs. Those from Marlton, Medford, and Moorestown in Burlington County gravitate toward Long Beach Island communities, which are closer to home. ‘Birds of a feather flock together,’ ” said James Schwarzwalder, 69, of Lindenwold, who also has a second home in Avalon.

Longport, Margate, and Ventnor were known as Jewish summer communities, she said. “I came here to get Jewish deli.” Not surprisingly, Ocean County draws less from Philadelphia and its suburbs.

Rather, its ownership derives from nearby communities, such as Toms River, or further inland, such as Wayne, Passaic County.

The homes are handed down through generations, he said.