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But why the connection from one inland community to a certain beach town? “You tend to gravitate to where you feel at ease.” While Schwarzwalder and his wife, who bought in the upscale Shore community about 22 years ago for business purposes, defy the trend of coming from the Philadelphia suburbs, they are well aware that is where most of their Shore neighbors live in the off-season.

While property values have increased in the last five years, the tax rate is the lowest in Atlantic County,” said Russo.

The homes are handed down through generations, he said.

And, so are the memories that bring people back year after year.

If you’re in Avalon for a last summer blast and spot a Penn State flag flying on a deck overlooking a ribbon of cars with Pennsylvania plates, you’ve hit upon what an analysis of thousands of property records shows: Philadelphians and their suburban neighbors own a heck of a lot of the Jersey Shore (search all NJ property records here).

The analysis of residential and vacant properties in 22 Shore municipalities across Atlantic, Cape May, and Ocean Counties from 2016 shows that a majority of the properties in all but one Shore town are owned by out-of-towners. (Here are our top findings) Use the interactive map below to see which cities own the most New Jersey Shore properties.

Out-of-town ownership has taken a toll on some schools.

“There is no one in grade schools anymore,” Powers said about Avalon.

“This is a very Catholic town,” Schwarzwalder said about Avalon.