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Who is sonam kapoor dating

Raj and Vikram are quick to reveal this information to Maya, as a result of which Yogi is caught red-handed by Maya, who goes ballistic at the site of Yogi in a hotel room with a girlfriend.

Now Yogi's status in the marriage is reduced to that of a butler at home.

Yet Yogi still has aspirations for more hanky panky if the right opportunity comes along.

What their wives don't know is that their husbands cheat on them often with not one, but many women.

Yogi has already been caught by Maya after the latter hired her new friend Kishan (Akshay Kumar), a private detective, to check on Yogi.

The gullible Sanjana wholeheartedly believes the story, much to Kishan's frustration.

Kishan now hatches his own counter-plot and pretends to be the gangster don, King, who is supposedly out to kill Raj and Vikram, thinking they are indeed police officers.

Kishan calls in the news channels and the police to get the stranded Raj broadcast live on TV.

He then calls Sanjana, asking her to turn on the TV and see for herself what Raj is up to.

However, Sanjana finds out from Maya that the necklace that Raj had supposedly bought only for her actually was part of a buy one, get one free deal.

Shivani, Maya, and Sanjana all get together to find the other, and Maya decides to hire Kishan to tail Raj.

Kishan has built his reputation as a man who saves marriages by getting erring husbands to mend their ways, and is also an expert in playing the flute.