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Who is jazsmin lewis dating

Season 6, Episode 22May 14, 2001Lil' Kim guest stars as the girlfriend of Dorian's prison buddy, who is trying get a piece of his band's profits.

I’m not saying I don’t want him to do it, but I just don’t want him to do it yet.

(hint: it's probably not what you are expecting) _ **You've played a beautiful journalist and hopeless romantic in the film . **** ** I don’t know if you noticed but I’m always glammed up [in films]. The reason I married him in the first place is because he is one of those men who really promotes who I am. He sits there, puts on his headphones, and watches the movie until we get there.

I would really like to play someone on drugs or in a mental institution where I just get to be completely stripped down and vulnerable. Now I don’t know what it is yet because in the next several projects I am still in all the hair and makeup. You have been in the film industry for almost 20 years but you don’t look a day over 25! I’m an actress so it’s hard to tell what that may be on any given day! He gives me the room to be whoever I am and vice versa. Jazsmin’s Tips on Traveling the World with A Toddler in Tow 1. I didn’t let anyone watch Christian for the longest. That’s the one thing I learned about motherhood…other people do it.

Mc Coy became involved with punk rock scenes as a teenager.