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Lucretia Garfield utilized natural gas in her home for heating, cooking, and lighting.

This replaced an older windmill that was on the property and was equipped with a new well, tower, storage tank, and windmill.

Natural gas had been discovered on the Garfield’s property in 1882; the Gasholder was built three years later.

The structure was later modified and incorporated in the Carriage House as it is seen today.

Lucretia was very involved in the construction of this structure, which provided running water to the Garfield home.

The 62-foot windmill has Berea Sandstone at its base and a wood-framed tower.

Perhaps this was a reason why she purchased stone from this company rather than their competitors?

We may never know from which specific quarries the Berea Sandstone used in the structures located at James A. However, we do know that this stone and the industry that surrounded it was a part of history that was important to the growth and development of the local area of northeast Ohio and we can appreciate this history through the structures for which it was used and that still exist today.

Amherst was known as the sandstone center of the world and some of the largest quarries were located there.