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The only remark she made was, 'You've been in this business a long time.'He says ruefully, 'She didn't know who I was. But I know the Queen Mum loved Only Fools.'We are sitting in the suite of a country-house hotel near his Buckinghamshire home. 'Jason was born David White in 1940, the son of a Welsh charlady and Billingsgate fishmarket porter.

Search Party All4 This dark, ten-part comedy mystery follows four self-absorbed 20-somethings from Brooklyn who become entwined in the search for their missing friend. 'Ronnie Barker, who I still call The Guvnor, gave me the best advice of my career. I never wanted to be a star, I've never had any time for that. It drives me insane.' Would he ever look at a script containing a profanity? It is an unfashionable point of view but Jason does not follow fashion.

He used to say that as performers we are our own currency and you must spend it wisely.'When my career was at its absolute height with Fools, it was Ronnie's words that kept my feet on the ground. I just wanted to be thought of as good at what I do and to have good standards. His opinion of political correctness is that we live in a world gone mad.

We had two letters of complaint sent to us and two letters from people saying they were pleased Ronnie was bringing stuttering to the fore. The producer wrote a long letter back to the four people and the whole matter was discussed, thought about, explained and dealt with.

Now you just need one comment to destroy everything.'Now in his eighth decade, it's Jason who dominates the screen as the haplessly grumpy Granville in the expletive-free Still Open All Hours, alongside a new cast including Johnny Vegas and Tim Healy.

The clever ones these days set up their own production companies and make the money that way.

But it wasn't really done in my day, you got what you got.

The original series, which starred Barker as penny-pinching northern shopkeeper Arkwright, ran from 1975 to 1983.