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Who is gena rowlands dating

If Shadows was a rough-and-ready exercise in filmmaking on the run, a young filmmaker’s film about youth itself, then Faces would be the first to define Cassavetes’ mature style, an examination of love, middle age and the politics of male-female communication that would extend into his next feature, Husbands (1970) and beyond.

A young Steven Spielberg worked as an unpaid runner, while the milkman was given a promise of the share in any profits when Cassavetes couldn’t afford to pay his bill.

When I decided to write and shoot it, I came home and said to Gena, ‘Are you willing to go without all the luxuries for the next couple of years so we can put everything we’ve got into the picture?

’ She said, ‘Yes – except for getting my hair done. ’ With his bridges burned at the major studios, there was no way that Cassavetes was going to find traditional funding for what would become Faces.

Cassavetes’ first opportunity to direct his wife on screen came with a project inherited from director-producer Stanley Kramer.

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