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But one of their holiday traditions was playing football in the park against another group of people (who didn’t seem related, like another family or something) they didn’t even like or seem to know. BEST USE OF TROPES (2013) Again, why even give anybody false hope here?

Plus they gave us little annoying factoids about old timey and other cultural celebrations and events related to the holidays and for that, they deserve a little bit more than just candy in their shoes.

But thinking back, I guess Pete’s Christmas used Christmas relatively well, as the plot involved a kid reliving Christmas day over and over again.

MOST COURAGEOUS THING – A Snow Globe Christmas breaks the color barrier – Steve Guttenberg breaks the religion barrier, playing Santa Claus in Single Santa Meets Mrs.

Claus and Meet the Santas – Shannon Elizabeth actually does her own singing (or so I assume) in Catch a Christmas Star Yes, it’s true.

BEST USE OF CHRISTMAS (2013) I didn’t even nominate any other movies for this.

I guess Fir Crazy was deserving, kind of, but I wasn’t going to put it through the process of getting its hopes up only to get shut down by the Candace Cameron Bure – Alan Thicke double-team about a ski lodge with so much Christmas spirit, they don’t even allow technology on the mountain, save for technology they do allow, which is some.

But you can take heart one thing, Window Wonderland.