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White plains new york speed dating

Bronze age cities built by the Aryans that date back to the beginning of Western civilisation in Europe have been discovered in a remote part of Russia.

The Aryan's language has been identified as the precursor to a number of modern European tongues.

She said: 'Potentially, this could rival ancient Greece in the age of the heroes.

'Because I have written a lot about the Bronze Age world, there always seemed to be this huge missing peice of the jigsaw puzzle.'We are all told that there is this kind of mother tongue, proto-Indo-European, from which all the languages we know emerge.'I was very excited to hear on the archeological grapevine that in exactly the period I am an expert in, this whole new Bronze Age civilisation had been discovered on the steppe of southern Siberia.' The remains of the ancient city were explored for the first time around 20 years ago shortly after Soviet officials relaxed strict laws banning non-military aerial photography.

The sheriff said Officer Maddox was struck in the head; the deputies were hit on their bodies.

"I don't know what's going on in our country-- but all of a sudden, the boys in blue have targets on their backs," said a tearful Norris Howell, who knew Officer Maddox and attends church with his family.

"The expected guilty pleas and mandatory life sentences that will follow cannot bring back the loved ones, but hopefully can provide some degree of closure for these grieving families." Brant's first killing came on Oct. Authorities said he has confessed to soliciting a prostitute for sex and then strangling her to death while attempting to rape her. (White) Locust Grove officer backing up Henry County deputies murdered by worthless psycho blacktivist with traffic violations HENRY COUNTY, Ga.

He poured gasoline on her body and set it aflame inside a stolen car near Treasure and Arts streets in the St. - It was a heartbreaking day in Locust Grove on Friday, as the first officer in the citys 124-year history was killed in the line of duty while helping Henry County deputies serve an arrest warrant.

Evidence of ritual horse burials were found at the site which ties in with ancient Aryan texts that describe the animals being sliced up and buried with their masters.