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When did dwight and angela start dating

‘So many young men,’ we see Churchill recalling, as he vows not to let it happen again, ‘so much waste.’ It’s relevant to point out that Teplitzky is Australian and von Tunzelmann a New Zealander. Frankly, it does a little, which will divide audiences.

His portrayal is genuinely likable without being over-the-top or mean like recent "lovable goofball friend" characters we've seen lately (eg. The more important thing is that he has good chemistry with Wheelan and the conversations between the two are pleasing.

Rating: Even now, more than 50 years after his death, Sir Winston Churchill is often voted the greatest Briton ever.

But anyone who goes to see this film expecting a sepia-tinted eulogy to flag-waving, cigars and those extraordinary speeches is in for quite a big shock.

This movie is exactly what it needs to be: what you expect from watching the trailer, but much more than the trailer. Although the film isn't perfect, no-one who sees the trailer and who watches movies should expect it to be - and if you have reasonable expectations then this movie is actually a cut above the rest.