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Effective December 1, 1921, the Department of Commerce issued a regulation that stations making broadcasts intended for the general public now had to hold a Limited Commercial license specifying operation on a wavelength of 360 or 485 meters, This license specified operation on the common "entertainment" wavelength of 360 meters (833 k Hz), so KQW initially broadcast only during the hours assigned to it under a time-sharing agreement made with the other local broadcasting stations.

A KCBS direct mail piece claimed, "More people rely on her morning traffic reports on KCBS than on any other station." Patti Reising was a weekday afternoon news anchor in 2011.

KCBS received its first broadcasting station license, as KQW in San Jose, California, in early December 1921.

Jason Brooks has served as anchor of business news segments since Bob Price's retirement in 2009.

In 2011, Kim Wonderley became morning traffic anchor at the station.

On rare occasions "DXers" (hobbyists who listen for distant stations) have reported receiving KCBS across the Pacific Ocean, and in Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado and the northwestern portion of Mexico.

In addition to over-the-air broadcasts, KCBS audio is webcast with live streaming audio around the clock.

During the war impressive strides had been made in vacuum-tube transmitter and receiver design, and Herrold's arc-transmitters were no longer commercially competitive.

In 1920 a number of radio stations in the San Francisco Bay area, employing vacuum-tube transmitters, began making regular entertainment broadcasts, most prominently the "California Theater" station, 6XC, set up by Lee de Forest, which began daily service around April 1920.

The station's live stream is also available through the KCBS channel of a mobile app.

Like its sister all-news stations, WBBM in Chicago and WCBS in New York City, KCBS airs CBS News updates and simulcasts the audio portion of the weekly TV programs 60 Minutes and Face The Nation.

In addition, all civilian radio stations were ordered to be dismantled, so for the duration of the conflict Herrold left the airwaves.