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He was the star of the show.” She delved into he allegedly preyed upon her starting at the age of 14, when he allegedly touched her “female party” in his car after a pool party.

Why is she unwilling to go to law enforcement with her claims? I got really good at burying it and putting it away in a box and saying, ‘That’s not me.’ ” When I worked on Charles in Charge in ‘88, I sat with you while you cried about that abusive asshole.

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“I remember her coming over to my house and seducing me,” he said, claiming that “any red-blooded” straight American man would reacted the same way. Oz Show which he said includes “proof” Eggert is “deliberately lying.” The letter again outlines Baio’s claim that Eggert said they had sex after stopped airing, and that she was already 18 during the filming of the final season.

“When Nicole started tweeting about this again late last year, shortly after the major stories broke about sexual harassment in entertainment, my attorneys sent her and Alex Polinsky a letter advising and requesting that they take their allegations to law enforcement for a full investigation,” claimed Baio.

Here’s a timeline of everything we know about the accusations.

The actors met the on the sitcom about a a college student, played by Baio, who moves in with a family as a housekeeper and caretaker for the children, one of whom was portrayed by Eggert.

She joined the show when she was 14 in September 1986, the same month Baio celebrated his 26th birthday.