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Vodafone dating tips

I spent most of my career in FMCG companies, Coca-Cola and Diageo where brand marketing and strategy was at the core of the business, I then moved to Vodafone a technology company that is a great brand in the category but operates differently from pure FMCG companies, technology and products have a big place at the top table and the role of brand is to influence and guide strategy.

The big questions are how to differentiate, fund services and how to set pricing to avoid a race to the bottom and facilitate investment in future technology.

For customers the challenge is how to navigate and select between options and companies, and it is our role to help them navigate through change and give them the best products and experience.

Being proactive and dealing with the issue in a timely way is also very important.

I always try to separate the issue from the person and work on understanding the issue and why they are being difficult, I also examine my role in the situation, and ask should I do something differently.

In particular difficult situations it is very helpful to seek feedback from others who are familiar with the situation to get a balanced view.

A perfect result is when you can reconcile differences and move on with the person to build a productive relationship.

Don’t blame people, I am involved and if something goes wrong I have skin in the game too.

Last but not least is have your organisation’s best interests at heart and be prepared to leave your functional interests to one side and lean in to help on bigger matters, being helpful is truly valued. Be super clear on what success looks like, set objectives and give everyone a clear job description.

Companies operated within a relatively tight category, this is no longer the case.

Now we have an industry where brands who were once known and famous for offering one particular service, can offer all four services to customers.

My secret to ensuring I continue to grow and develop as a leader is….