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” With the current excavations scheduled to wrap up this month and final data to be published over the next two years, Bayliss, Hodder and others on the team hope that this highly refined, comparative approach to dating will help unravel some big questions that remain about the site: why these people first settled in such a large community, how they lived and why things eventually fell apart.

Mysterious, fascinating objects are still being uncovered at Çatalhöyük.

The prize of the 2015 dig season was a head modeled out of plaster and adorned with obsidian eyes.

It’s taking the ‘pre’ out of prehistory.” Hodder and others on the Çatalhöyük team have hailed Bayliss’ work as among the most groundbreaking of the entire project.

It’s possible to compare this new generational chronology directly against the climate record, which researchers can also measure on a finer scale by examining changes to tree rings, lake sediments and other materials.

“But for the archaeologists working here, this is practically brand new.” Ancient Rome indeed feels like modern history compared with the finds for which this arid, dusty site in rural central Turkey is most renowned. C., and continuing for nearly two millennia, people came together at Çatalhöyük to build hundreds of tightly clustered mud-brick houses, burying their dead beneath the floors and adorning the walls with paintings, livestock skulls and plaster reliefs.

Greeks, Romans and other later cultures left evidence of their subsequent presence at the site, but it’s the Neolithic residents who have captured archaeologists’ imaginations: Now, new techniques to analyze the tantalizing clues left by these first settlers may overturn our entire notion of prehistory.

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