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Usps parcel post tracking not updating

When designing a shopping cart it is recommended to ask the shopper for their address and verify it on the spot.

Unlike Shipments within Easy Post, Insurance objects register To and From Address objects according to the destination and ship-from locations of the package.

This means that a Shipment with " An Insurance created via this endpoint must belong to a shipment purchased outside of Easy Post.

Verifying an Address before you ship is a great way to reduce issues with delivery.

Creating a verified Address is as simple as including an enumerated list of the verifications you'd like Easy Post to perform in the list fail an error will be returned from the API.

Additionally, all the objects contained within a Shipment may be created at the same time.

The origin/destination Address and Parcel are required for rating.

Once created a Shipment object is used to retrieve shipping Rates and purchase a label.

A Shipment created with a valid A Shipment is almost exclusively a container for other objects, and thus a Shipment may reuse many of these objects.

is required, but since many carriers charge different rates for packages with large dimensions, we strongly recommend including all dimensions if available.

Weights are in OUNCES (OZ) and go to one decimal point.

See our full listing to see which verification level is available for each country.