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This convenient app is easy to install and contains these powerful features: Characters and Events * View all of your World of Warcraft characters, along with their stats, equipment, achievement, and more.* Access key guild stats, your in-game calendar, and other informational and planning tools.

Post feedback about the app in our forums: Airtime or Wi-Fi connection is required for use.

Some storylines that are part of Good Suramaritan—for example, “Jandvik’s Jarl” or “Moon Guard Stronghold”—are not directly related to the Nightfallen storyline.

These unrelated quests do not reward reputation with the Nightfallen faction. The XP bonus from Recruit a Friend is the only form of bonus experience that has a maximum of 50%.

If you're still experiencing issues with erroneously-triggered area effects, please let us know. GMT January 17 and did not receive loot, you might want to kill Na’zak again.