Start Updating suse 9 2

Updating suse 9 2

SERVER:~ # cat /etc/issue SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 10.2 Kernel \r (\m), \l SERVER:~ # SERVER:~ # cat /etc/Su SE-release SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (x86_64) VERSION = 10 PATCHLEVEL = 4 SERVER:~ # SERVER:/etc # rpm -V sles-release S.5.... devices=/dev/hda 2 | Yes | Yes | Ya ST | SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2-20110317-171027 | nfs:// SE/SLES10_x86_64/10.2 SERVER:/etc # uname -r SERVER:/etc # SERVER:~ # rpm -qi glibc Name : glibc Relocations: (not relocatable) Version : 2.4 Vendor: SUSE LINUX Products Gmb H, Nuernberg, Germany Release : 31.95.1 Build Date: Mon Sep 19 2011 Install Date: Sun Mar 18 2012 Build Host: macintyre Group : System/Libraries Source RPM: glibc-2.4-31.95.1rpm Size : 5141247 License: BSD 3-Clause; GPL v2 or later; LGPL v2.1 or later Signature : DSA/SHA1, Mon Sep 19 2011, Key ID a84edae89c800aca Packager : : : Standard Shared Libraries (from the GNU C Library) Description : The GNU C Library provides the most important standard libraries used by nearly all programs: the standard C library, the standard math library, and the POSIX thread library. For SLES you need to check which repositories are configured in yast.

Now, remember, third-party repositories might not support the new version: Open SUSE Leap 42.2.

Afterwards, this snapshot is changed from read-only to read-write and several special directories like /dev, /sys and /proc are mounted.

zypper is called with the --root option and the snapshot as argument.

Once done, there is no easy way to reinstall everything that has switched or has been removed (that’s why I told you to take note!

The script creates at first a new snapshot of the system.

If you were using third-party repositories you might get asked to perform a vendor switch.

I suggest you to perform the vendor switch, just in case the third-party repositories don’t have a version of the packages for Open SUSE Leap 42.2 .

If the update did succeed, we cleanup the snapshot, switch it to read-only if the original root filesystem is read-only and make this subvolume the new default.