Start Updating suse 9 2

Updating suse 9 2

If the update does not boot, the old root filesystem can be booted from the grub2 menu and made as new default again, means a rollback to the old state.

If you were using third-party repositories you might get asked to perform a vendor switch.

I suggest you to perform the vendor switch, just in case the third-party repositories don’t have a version of the packages for Open SUSE Leap 42.2 .

If the update did succeed, we cleanup the snapshot, switch it to read-only if the original root filesystem is read-only and make this subvolume the new default.

The script creates at first a new snapshot of the system.

Open SUSE Leap is a new operating system from SUSE based on SLES. The following procedure is not official and is not correlated with Open SUSE Documentation, I wrote it because I found the official one inadequate to common scenarios such as having Packman or third-party repositories installed.

It was initially released on the 4th November 2015 with version number 42.1 . This guide also points out difficult situations which I have experienced and the relative fix I have applied.

Now you can modify the repositories any way you want: manually, with a text editor, using yast.