Start Updating interface of windows 8

Updating interface of windows 8

For example, in device manager, the graphic hardware shows display adapters, and click the arrow on the left, you will see the specific video card type.

Step 2: Choose the second tab "Browse my computer for driver software".

This is different from the above way of automatically detect new version online for your computer, it needs you have the driver on your disk.

Step 1: Enter Device Manager Use the fast way to enter device manger, what you need do is to enter "Device Manager" in the search box which is at the left bottom.

After it showed, single click it and enter the "Device Manager" interface.

Reason 1: people upgrade Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to Windows 10 We know after upgrading system, there will be several drivers incompatible with windows 10, and some drivers are missing. So after you upgrade your system from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10, in the "Device Manager", some drivers will show incompatibility, including the graphic.

The "interrogative mark" shows the driver is missing on Windows 10, and "exclamation" shows the driver is incompatible on Windows 10.

So first you need to know if there is a new version driver for your device and then you need directly download it from the official site or the third party site. However, if you are not a professional PC fan, I am not recommending you to update drivers in this way.

How to manually install drivers for Windows 10 Step 1: Follow the way 1 steps "Device Manager Update Drivers" to enter the Update driver software interface.

Windows 10 will search your computer and Internet for the latest driver software for your device.

After you choose this way, it will shows "searching online for software", this means it start to detect if they are the compatible drivers or latest drivers.

If there were the new version of drivers, you can follow it to download and update.