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Updating i tunes

It’s also where you can join Apple Music and stream — or download and listen offline — to over 45 million songs, ad-free.

Hold the Power Button Home Button for approximately 15sec until you see the Apple logo loop/Recovery mode screen. NOTE: Make sure that you also enable the Request SHSH from Cydia option from Tiny Umbrella's Advanced menu & then hit the Save SHSH button. This is an important step for those who have never jailbroken their i Devices or have never saved any SHSH blobs for their devices via Cydia or Tiny Umbrella.

If you do not find any SHSH blobs via Tiny Umbrella continue reading.. Performing this step gives you the added advantage of being able to restore back to your current i OS version in case something goes wrong with the i Tunes restore.

So if your using Tiny Umbrella to restore thinking of an SHSH blob that's currently not saved on your local machine, Do NOT use it.

If you believe that you have saved an SHSH blob for your device earlier but still Tiny Umbrella is not displaying it, you need to take advantage of your edited HOSTS file.

Read this guide to learn more on how you can save them using i Faith.

i Faith is only for those who are currently able to run an i OS version (4.3.3 & below) on their i Devices without any issues.

In short, this error code has anything and everything to do with the SHSH blobs saved for your device.