Start Updating group policy on windows 2016

Updating group policy on windows 2016

UPDATE: 12/5/2016: In November 2016, the Security Monthly Quality Rollups were released as superseding the Security Only Quality updates.

These choices closely correspond to the way you update Windows today, as discussed in the following sections.

This is our recommended updating strategy, as it ensures that all fixes for Windows are deployed on the PCs that you manage.

Many of these will be rolled into the next monthly rollup, although some will remain separate- including Office, Flash and Silverlight updates.

For those of you who manage Windows updates within your organization, it’s important that you understand the choices that will be available.

Since all the new security fixes for a given month are available in both the security only update and the monthly rollup, it’s important to understand the behavior that may been seen if you deploy both updates in the same month.

For example, assume you approve and deploy the security only update and the monthly rollup that are both released on Update Tuesday (a.k.a. This isn’t necessary, since the security fixes are also included in the monthly rollup, and it would generate additional network traffic since both would be downloaded to the PC. It depends on the installation sequence: Depending on the management tool you are using to deploy these updates, this may be represented differently in the compliance and deployment reports provided by those tools.

First, let’s review what we will release each month - listed below are the three updates and their official titles: A security only quality update Each month there will be separate updates released for a variety of reasons (e.g.