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The trade to Tripoli was prosperous with hired French, English and Venetian vessels selling extensively to Constantinople, Chios and Smyrna.

In art historical terms, Orientalism refers to subject matter portraying the Near East by western artists and reflects closer 19th century European political involvement with the Near East.

Essentially a 19th century phenomenon, Orientalism was an aspect of Romanticism that became a standard theme in which artists throughout Europe specialised.

In serata veglia di preghiera in quattro chiese della zona.

Slave-market scenes, as essentially harem scenes, and sensualised images of female slaves were seen as highly erotic.

A prevalent form was genre painting with numerous harem and slave-market scenes.

The Orientalist concern to create erotic idealisation rather than sociological fact had a profound affect on European perceptions of the region because of the belief that the mysterious Near East could “…satisfy the West’s urge for exotic experience.” (Stevens, 1984).

Il nuovo scenario arriva dopo una giornata in cui le indagini si sono svolte ancora a 360 gradi.