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On learning of Johnson's death, Hammond replaced him with Big Bill Broonzy, but he played two of Johnson's records from the stage.

Around this time, the blues musician Son House moved to Robinsonville, where his musical partner Willie Brown lived.

Late in life, House remembered Johnson as a "little boy" who was a competent harmonica player but an embarrassingly bad guitarist.

When Johnson arrived in a new town, he would play for tips on street corners or in front of the local barbershop or a restaurant.

He was asked whether he attributed Johnson's technique to this pact, and his equivocal answers have been taken as confirmation.

Julia's new husband, known as Dusty Willis, was 24 years her junior.

Robert was remembered by some residents as "Little Robert Dusty", but he was registered at Tunica's Indian Creek School as Robert Spencer.

Johnson's shadowy and poorly documented life and death at age 27 have given rise to much legend.