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Marc Bouyer, director for the piece, remarked: "With this project we had to go straight to the point to try and nail down the bad clichés of the dating game right away. Hopefully the result of our work won't bring back PTSD to some vets of the dating game!

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The App will be available on IOS and Android, and will be free to download.

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Creative studio Feed Me Light has been commissioned by dating service True View to produce a series of animated shorts, dubbed The Undateable Suspects, to promote their new safer dating app.

The new security measures employed are multi-fold and are somewhat flexible, so users can decide the level of protection they are comfortable with.

But users will really have to work on their profiles if they want to appeal to other users.

He said: ‘We have always promoted an honest dating space for people who are looking to form relationships rather than find casual hook-ups.

We don’t want to take the fun out of dating, just bring some decorum back!

Dating app Trueview has included a unique nudity filter in their new app launch that prevents users from uploading or sending inappropriate pics to other users or to their own profiles.

Every photo uploaded to the website is pushed through a filter that detects both face and nudity.

The filter then goes on to score the picture and will reject it if it detects a certain level of nudity – such as the showing of genitalia.