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This is also a rare opportunity to learn and understand personal boundaries in a safe and clear way.

Conscious Cuddle Space Nights are about adding in the intention to explore physical connection through cuddling – connecting with awareness, being in the moment, without agenda, where sexual energy is welcome but not acted out, with a safe space held by facilitators Graeme, Annette & Yollana.

It is as simple as raising your hand if something feels uncomfortable and you are unsure in how to proceed. Contacting them prior to evening is OK if that feels right for you. If coming with a friend or partner, have your relationship boundaries in place prior. Most people enter into relationship hoping to bring more love and joy into their life.

If you feel like you may need support with this, please contact facilitators prior to evening. Yet so often our relationships turn out to be hard work – full of challenges, confusion and misunderstandings… And we continue to look outside of ourselves for the answers.

The New Masculinity is about the exercise of conscious choice. He is aware of the balance between masculine and feminine energy within himself, but the way that he lives with each is determined by awareness more than by automatic reactions to anything external.

A Conscious Man has a sense of the vast variety of different roles he can enjoy in his life.

and also changing your mind is ok, and practice that and see how it feels. the Cuddle Space is about a lot more than saying no. Be comfortable 🙂 The more you can take responsibility for your own comfort levels, including asking for what you want and saying No to what you don’t want, the more enjoyable your Cuddle Space experience will be! If you are a living, breathing human being with an interest in relating consciously with yourself and with others, both in intimate relationships and in general, then you are welcome!

It is also about connecting with and owning what you would like for your self, and then expressing that, regardless of the outcome. Always ask first, and do not proceed with out a yes. Be aware of your hygiene (clean teeth, shower, clean clothes, etc.) 5. It’s a place for us to build community, share information, and follow up with each other between the live events.

while learning and practicing skills that are rarely taught any where else. Here’s the URL for the Facebook Circle: https:// we are building community dedicated to connecting and deepening in the art and practice of conscious relating.