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Teenage dating rooms

41% of teens report their parents talk to them “a lot” about Internet safety (up five points over 2006), and three out of four say their parents have talked to them in the past year about the potential dangers of posting personal info.

They do not understand that it is almost impossible to get incriminating information or pictures off the Internet once they are there. Another too many teens actually have met face to face with someone they have met online.

Would you want to know if your child was going to meet someone they have met on the Internet?

The King Library Teen Center on the 3rd floor is a large glass-walled room specifically designed for the use middle school and high school students ages 12 to 18.

The Teen Center Librarian, as well as General collections staff monitor the are to ensure appropriate access by this age group.

As this space is an open area and best suited for informal use, advance reservations for separate, private meetings will not be accepted.

The King Library is committed to providing an inviting and safe space for teenage patrons to engage in individual and group activities.

Teens whose parents have talked to them “a lot” about online safety are less likely to consider meeting face to face with someone they met on the Internet (12% vs. Teens are showing some signs of making safer, smarter choices online.