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Qr differentiates itself dramatically from the usual, boring recipes found in gay magazines today, instead focusing on fresh content and opinions, which empowers, educates, challenges, and entertains a new generation of queer youth.

Qr focuses on the larger issues surrounding young queer life: questioning sexuality, youth politics and wider cultural trends.

Qr appeals to straight/questioning boys as well as gay youth activists, cultural connoisseurs, highly opinionated gay intellectuals, and—of course—anyone who enjoys seeing boys kiss.

Qr readers wanna know what the skater kids in San Diego are sporting, what the fresh punk rawk look is in New York.

It’s also unclear if Trump made a mistake in singling out Wintour or if he indeed intended to blame her for the and Carter, as the two men have had an enmity dating back to the 1980s.

Our market is young, but our appeal is universal, especially to those who have been waiting for a gay magazine with some bite.

Qr Magazine is not only a magazine for youth, but it also captures the spirit of youth. Unlike other gay magazines, Qr doesn't merely report news or dryly express popularly held assumptions on queer politics, we taunt homophobia, explore controversial gay subjects, question gay cultural mores, share outrageous personal stories, and skewer with satire.

The tips mocked Clinton’s campaign memoir, and suggested the former secretary of state and first lady take up “a new hobby in the new year: volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy—literally anything that will keep you from running again.”Critics of clip called the jokes sexist and degrading to Clinton’s decades of public service.