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"Paul Martin grew up in government-run public housing in Farnham, England, a rough knuckles kind of town southwest of London. He ultimately ran a 300-employee business that rebuilt, refurbished and maintained office buildings and large residences.

The Farnham Herald is one of the titles owned by Tindle.

Bedrooms are named after stations in the London Underground, two function rooms are named individually 'Rolls' and 'Royce' for the reason that is apparent when they are joined to make a single ballroom, the restaurant is 'Morgans', and the hotel just had to be called 'Bentley's' of course.

"We didn't come here to only make money, sell it and walk away," Martin says.

Duncan Titmarsh, who has also constructed a giant handbag for Ospreys of London and was advisor to James May's Sir Ray Tindle, the wealthy newspaper magnate, has his headquarters in The Old Court House in Union Road Farnham.