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Francis` School Bambili, more intimately known by its Agyi`I Mbelighi (the Bambili language) name, Ntse Ywi , a reference to the big stream located nearby.

Since it was oral, passing necessitated good listening skills which I did not have because of the distraction from which I suffered. Achirmbi was transferred to the Regina Pacis College in Mutengene. Stephen Njong, a highly talented man who made it with flying colours from the Primary school classroom to where he was.

What I missed most about him was his favorite expression, “did you get that? By dint of an unbendable ambition, he later went to Nigeria and Britain where he obtained a Bachelor’s, Master’s and MPhil degrees. Njong was a welcomed relief for me because he did not test us after each topic as such.

However, a relative told my parents that if I was taken to the Presbyterian Hospital in Acha Tugi, Momo Division.

I was received in Out Patients by three Dutch doctors, two of whom were female, unless I am wrong.

So I had the language of English, the Language of Literature, the Language of French, the Langue of Physics and the Language of mathematics.

This was a far cry from what I had experienced at St.

Nfor -who immediately told me that it was in my interest to repeat the class.

He gave two reasons which were that I was still very young and that it was necessary for me to fill in the gap created by my illness. In that class I wrote the Common Entrance examination and went to Sacred Heart College. Njende was a remarkable and outstanding teacher who had an enviable command of the English Language.

One was that our Biology teacher, a prince of Bafut called Mr.

Achirmbi made it a point to give us a dictated test on each topic he treated.

However the teacher called me and strongly advised that I should repeat Class Six because I had been robbed of a whole term which in his opinion would haunt me all my life if I did not rectify it.