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Soundtrack de blind dating

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You may remember a while back we uploaded a bunch of Devil Music albums to the FMA. Split Seven Inch With Gold is a pretty sweet weird rock song.

Well, now we've added the final 5 Devil Music records. In C is their rock rendition of the Terry Riley classic. We know, the FMA is a great resource for all sorts of people - filmmakers, remix artists, people who wanna hear strange new sounds - but we've been getting a LOT of messages lately from confused people about whether or not they can use X song in Y video.

If you want to use it for a commercial purpose, you must get further written permission from the artist, and possibly pay for a license to use the song. If you want to use a track that is licensed CC BY-SA "Share Alike" or CC BY-NC-SA, you are required by that license to share your own work under the identical license. Anything with a CC license with "BY" or "Attribution" in it means you must give credit to the artist, but that's it.

If you can't, or don't want to, do this, you must get further written permission from the artist. You can use it for whatever you want, even derivative works like videos and remixes.

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Toby "Radiation" Fox también conocido como Fwug Radiation, es un compositor de música y desarrollador de juegos, nacido en el 11 de Octubre de 1991.

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