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She male dating quotweb wiz forums version quot

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When she changes into her Kämpfer form, the inside of her hair normally black turns white. Mikoto only recently reunited with him due to her father being an archaeologist who lives abroad. She has the personality of an adventurer, always displaying physical abilities that no one can match.

She doesn't have any problems with catching barehanded a snake or a spider, but, to see a man nude, is her biggest weakness and too hard for her to confront.

Akane is a high school girl who goes to the same school as Natsuru.

She is a member of the school library committee and is a shy girl who wears glasses and has trouble talking to boys.

Her Kämpfer personality is much more militant and prone to acts of violence. Shizuku is the student body chairman of the Seitetsu Academy.

This entitles her to go to the boys' side of the school as she pleases.

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