Start Sexual boundaries christian dating

Sexual boundaries christian dating

My boyfriend is always telling me to slow down when we’re alone together, and asking me to respect his boundaries, and I just don’t want to.” Not saying it couldn’t happen, ladies!

This does NOT mean that the relationship has to be over.

It only means that you’ll need a more wisdom-filled Battle Plan to deal with the issue.

Because now, you’ll be tempted to keep going physical, and this will prevent you from really getting to know her for Premature sexual contact has a way of short-circuiting real interaction, and we can quickly confuse sex for intimacy.

If you know about David and Bathsheba, then you’ll know that despite David’s horrible sin – sleeping with a married woman and then killing her husband – they decided to stay together and had a boy named Solomon, the wisest man in all of human history.

Any decision that has a bad start can be reversed toward the glory of God.

Three characteristics of intimacy are fantastic in marriage but disastrous outside of that covenant: 1) sex (and many things leading up to sex) are addicting, 2) hormones were designed to put fuel on the fire, and 3) we’re often led into intimacy by the guy we’re with.

If a girl allows a guy access to her body, those hormones we talked about earlier kick in and completely override his better sense.

So here are three reasons why it’s really () hard to “just stop” physical sin once you’ve gone there with a guy.