Start Sex talk forum no sing up

Sex talk forum no sing up

So do the right thing by both of you and get tested.

It’s a huge advantage for both you and your partner to visit your GP, get tested and then enjoy all the sex you want.

It just makes me wonder am I just only good for sex and I'm not girlfriend material? Is it because I'm young only 20 so guys see me as a target? I do get on with them well and I am attracted to older guys (23-28/29) .

Am I intimidating maybe come across as a girl who won't mess around?

However, if you feel your subject and poll are just for fun please post it in the Just For Fun forum.

So anyway I am a female and it's been a long time since I've had sex... I know it would be quite easy to find a ONS or a FWB but the problem is I can't seperate sex and emotions and trust is an important aspect for me too.

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