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Sean connery catherine zeta jones dating

And God knows there’s plenty of evidence that women can happily find romance with younger beaus.

He's also, when he wants to be, really, really good at acting like he's in his 20s.

They’ve had plenty of sex and are more interested in pleasing their partner.

As Laura Lifshitz writes in Popsugar about older men and sex, “He’s had years to perfect, fail, attempt, and succeed enough to know what exactly will make your toes curl…or not!

If you're lucky he could also be well on his way to early retirement.

Whether they’re avid readers, casual TV viewers, or simply experienced in the game of life, older guys have had more time to soak up knowledge and are happy to share it.

They know to be honest about their expectations from the start and to respond to the wants and needs of the women in their lives.

If something is not working, an older guy is going to address it, and if things are working great, he’s going to move the relationship forward without needing to be pushed.

An older man is way more likely than a young guy to have a condo or house, a car, maybe even a vacation home and boat.