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Sasha cohen dating

"My legal name is Alexandra and I go by Alex, so it's pretty low key." She's also thought about taking up a new sport about as far removed from the kiss and cry as a sport can get. "I was trying but people convinced me not to join the rugby team," she said.

Her boyfriend, hedge fund manager Tom May, proposed in Provincetown, Massachusetts, during their two-month travel trip. Basically, no matter how much time I spend with Tom, it's never enough.

Olympic silver medalist figure skater Sasha Cohen stopped by SB Nation for a 30-minute video chat published Friday. Cohen, 28, discussed taking Russian at Columbia University, her Pomeranian, Pippa, and her business ventures, including Snoxx and Thuzio. Topics ranged from “Blades of Glory” to tour life and even mentions of Tonya Harding and Midori Ito. Cohen was asked if she had met anybody notable outside of figure skating at the 2006 Olympics.

White, she said, bringing up the much-talked (and written-) about date request that the Olympic champion snowboarder made after winning gold at the Torino Games.

After being frustrated by the dramatic roles being offered, Fisher says, “Sacha was like, ‘Why don’t you go funny?

’ ” But the 31-year-old actress, who stars in the new movie , says despite her fiancé’s notoriety, they do not attract much attention from the public or paparazzi in their daily lives. “I’m knocking on wood.” And though funnyman Cohen often plays clueless characters – from Borat to faux rapper-interviewer Ali G – Fisher credits him with helping her find her acting niche.

The silver medalist, who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics, shared the happy news on Instagram on June 6, posting a picture with her new fiancé and stunning rose gold sparkler. Even when we spend a long day driving in traffic together, it ends up being an amazing day.

I think when you find someone that makes the most ordinary moments amazing, you never let them go." Preach, girlfriend.

Other tidbits from the wide-ranging interview: • Asked if she ever suggested music for her programs but had it rejected, she replied: “Every Britney Spears song.” • Her skating skills haven’t translated to roller blading.

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