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Along with grief and guilt, an adoptee may react to their experience of loss through feelings of anger, numbness, depression, anxiety or fear.

When that does not happen (as is often the case in orphanages), it can take longer for the adopted child to establish that sense of trust and reciprocal unconditional love – much to the anguish and hurt of their new parents. Once old enough to understand, adoptees (either as children, or later as adults) may experience recurring feelings of loss, rejection and abandonment by their birth parents.

They may wonder why they were placed up for adoption or what was 'wrong' with them that caused their birth parents to give them up.

Can you please share your thoughts on international adoption and what implications there might be for an adopted child who proceeds to grow up outside of their original country and culture?

If you are interested in adopting, be prepared to provide numerous official documents (witnessed and notarised), specific personal identification such as fingerprints, passport photos, various certificates, family finance details, and even very intimate details about the activities and beliefs of you and your current family members.

That said, here are some general thoughts that might help to guide your thinking.

Adoption paperwork and procedures International adoption (whether you are living in the country in which you are adopting or not) can sometimes feel like an insurmountable feat -- with seemingly-endless paperwork, wait times, legal and logistical requirements necessary before you can take a new family member home with you.

When you are deciding which country you might adopt from, you should know that The Hague Convention on Inter-country Adoption is an international adoption agreement between participating countries on best adoption procedures.