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You are living in Hong Kong now, where were you brought up? I was born in the US, in Philadelphia, and raised in China. School was very difficult; I could not understand anything, but at 15 it is still easy to learn a language, so I picked it up very quickly. I like a challenge and that was really challenging. I am not as outspoken or as outgoing as I would like to be.

Sure wearing leggings, battered trainers and a greying t-shirt in a 'nice place' might be frowned upon by certain people but when the time comes to head home afterwards your friends will all trudge to the nearest station while you’ll just do a few stretches and head off on your merry way. Hey, if you’re not a morning person then I totally sympathise.

There is nowhere I’d rather be than my bed at any give, time of the day.

And neither could I a few years back, mainly because I hadn’t built up the muscles needed to do so.

Download Nike’s running app and set yourself up a challenge of running 10k by a certain point.

The second, third and fourth days were all uphill, and I am not good at climbing. I feel there are always things I could have improved on. He is a financial guy, but spends half his time on the golf course.

We went as high as 3,700m and the altitude affected me; I could barely walk. Initially I signed up for races to motivate myself to train harder, but after that I would sign up so that I could travel and see more, experience more. I don’t think the times I have run so far warrant that kind of prestige or commitment. Berlin in which I PB-ed, of course, and each Boston marathon has been memorable because of the atmosphere. I think I got some athletic and competitive genes from him.

If I could, I’d marry my bed and sell all my friends so I could move to the Bahamas with it.

Getting up is hard, getting up to run is nigh on impossible. Pack your running rucksack the night before and sleep in your running clothes so when the morning comes you can literally just get up and go.

My grandparents could not get used to the American lifestyle, so they went back to China and took me with them. A lot of things that I do – such as races and travelling – I think this more my impulsive, American side, than my conservative Chinese side. This year was my fifth time, and my third consecutive win. In a road race, no matter what distance, you must keep the intensity up.

You let it drop just a little, and you lose minutes. Every weekend I run 30k, the rest is all over the place. I run anywhere between 10k to 20k a day and the speed depends on how I feel.

Her appetite for racing and travel drives her to do race after race – perhaps, she admits, not allowing to recover properly, and so a new PB keeps eluding her.