Start Radiochemical dating saftey

Radiochemical dating saftey

cement), since these affect their migration through the terrestrial environment.

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Studies have not been performed with indium In-111 pentetreotide to evaluate carcinogenic potential or effects on fertility.

Evidence to date has already underpinned policy changes and the reconsideration of current practices. Major grants supporting this work include (since 2000): - Migration case study: Transport of radionuclides in a reducing clay sediment (EC ,2000, PW) £135,000 - Measurements of radionuclides in decommissioning wastes (Berkeley Tech Cent .2000, PW) R63,584 - Further development of STAB (NIREX, 2000, PW) £ 62,993; FUNMIG (EU, 2005, PW) £240,864 - Analytical development (Magnox, 2006, PW) £85,000 - The Chemistry of Technetium with Reference to Geological Disposal) (NNL, 2007, PW) £78,000 - Demonstration experiments for chemical containment (NDA, 2008, DR) £429,152 - Radionuclide Transport in the Environment (Sellafield, 2008, PW) - £51,000 - DIAMOND Superplasticiser Project (EPSRC, 2008 — DR) £78,429; - Surface modified materials for radionuclide sequestration (NDA, 2011, DR) £80,000; - Migration of radon, through partially saturated media (MEC 2012, DR) £60,000; - Radioactivity in the iron and steel industry (Tata Steel, 2012 DR) £35,000; - NORM in onshore oil & gas production (Aurora Health Physics, 2011 DR) £42,000; - Superplasticisers for applications in nuclear decommissioning and storage (NDA, 2012 DR) - £78,998.

Loughborough University researchers have made substantial contributions in formulating pan-European thermodynamic models of waste disposal systems. Cooperation in education and training In Nuclear Chemistry (EU FP7, 2013 — DR/NE) £106,532.

It is not known whether this drug is excreted in human milk.

Because many drugs are excreted in human milk, caution should be exercised when indium In-111 pentetreotide is administered to a nursing woman.

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