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Radioactive dating technology

The two speak for two hours on the phone, recreating the experience of many an infatuated teenager; soon, they have fallen in love, and she has broken off a relationship with another young man, who vows his revenge and visits Alonzo to extract it.

The story is weird enough to deserve more than a mere footnote for early phone adoption. Mother is well enough, Aunt Susan is well enough; but these, like the poor, I have with me always,” he tells himself, no doubt thinking it droll. Alonzo calls Aunt Susan, though Twain doesn’t make his method explicit, apparently expecting the patrician Susan, it transpires, is in San Francisco.

Alonzo, the first titular character, is what readers today would identify as an exemplar of stereotypical Millennial dissolution: He is lazy, slovenly, entitled, romantically uninvolved, and living with his mother in Maine. She has greater patience than Alonzo’s mother, but slyly passes the line over to Rosannah, who seems to be a young woman boarding with her, saying, “You are both good people, and I like you; so I am going to trust you together while I attend to a few household affairs. Good-by; I shan’t be gone long.”The phone call is fanciful—the first transcontinental phone call didn’t occur until 1915—but in speaking with Susan, Alonzo alludes to the fact that they appear to be speaking on a party line, which threatened the privacy of users.

It was at 2.46pm on March 11, 2011 that Japan was hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, triggering a major tsunami which devastated the northeast coast and led to the loss of 19,000 lives.

The Fukushima plant was badly damaged in the disaster, which knocked out its power to the plant’s crucial cooling systems, resulting in meltdowns in three of its reactors, local evacuation and widespread concerns surrounding radiation contamination.

“We will bring an end to the problem by 2020.” Plant operators have been working to cut groundwater infiltration to about 150 tonnes a day – nearly a third of the amount generated two years ago – by pumping it upstream and directing it to the ocean.

The clean-up is expected to take a step forward within the coming month, when operators hope to obtain approval from regulators to activate an “ice wall” to block the flow of contaminated water.

came up with an even earlier reference: Twain’s “The Loves of Alonzo Fitz Clarence and Rosannah Ethelton,” a short story that The Atlantic published in its March 1878 issue. When he pushes buttons to summon a servant and then his mother, they, likely exasperated by his indolence, don’t answer, though Alonzo blames it on dead batteries.

As Lasswell notes, that makes it just 24 months after Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the first patent for a telephone. (Been there.)Finally, like a good Millennial, he reaches for an all-purpose entertainment device: his telephone.

He is dissuaded from leaving the house by poor weather. “Don’t be afraid,—talk right along; there’s nobody here but me,” Aunt Susan tells him.

This is especially important to flirtatious young chatters like Alonzo and Rosannah.

The science-fiction strain in Twain’s writing is underappreciated, even though his 1889 time-travel novel is well-known.