Start Quick sex text chat now

Quick sex text chat now

The first thing you need to do after getting a girl’s number is to send out a ping.

And so, allow me to apply the hobnailed boot of reality upside your head. Just because she didn’t give you the number for the local cement processing factory doesn’t mean that you’re ever going to hear back from her.

Nerd Love is – sadly – to vigorously stomp on some of your most fondly held dreams when those dreams and delusions are holding you back. In the days of cellphones, voice mail and caller ID, a phone number is an absolutely meaningless trophy when it comes to meeting women.

I have set up dates and hook-ups with girls I had met while out solely via text, just by escalating the sexual nature of our texts back and forth.

But before you ever worry about that, you need to know the basics of text and text game.

During the day, there are usually legitimate time constraints that will keep girls from hanging out with you for a half-hour; you may get the number sooner and she’ll still respond, but it may well take longer to get her to actually meet with you in person.

The best way to get her number to hear from you, you will also be weeding out potential flakes; any girl who says “Well, I dunno…” or “Call me the day of,” or indicates that the day may not be the best for her without suggesting another day is someone who’s likely going to flake on you and you will be well rid of them.

You can use it to re-establish communication with a girl when things have suddenly gone quiet, even after weeks or months of inactivity.

And it can be used to bypass women’s inhibitions and build momentum towards sex.

” Make or break questions, especially any involving a binary choice, will get good responses; cake or pie, beach or skiing, Los Angeles or Miami, New York or San Francisco, New Orleans or Austin, Game of Thrones or True Blood.

Regardless of the answer, a teasing response “What, are you serious?

If it’s within twenty to thirty minutes, it’s probably far more likely to actually respond when you try to get ahold of her.