Start Promoting private label dating site

Promoting private label dating site

You can even set up your own affiliate program to recruit other people to promote your sites for you, putting you in a position to make money from other people’s promotional efforts. That’s where Private Label Dating Provider helps the most.

On the other hand, if you take a different approach and create your own, personally-branded dating sites, you might be able to set yourself apart from everyone else in the business and earn a good living this way.

In the following article we will introduce the four major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Google ) used in B2B and Online Dating promotion and provide some suggestions as to how you can adopt them into your marketing strategy.

Using Twitter for Promoting Your White Label Dating Site Twitter is essentially a micro-blogging platform.

You can’t just throw up a new Website and say, “This is a dating site. People join dating sites to meet people and they’re not going to meet people if there’s no one there to meet. There is a way to build that avoids all of these problems, and it involves a company called Dating Factory (also known as Private Label Dating Provider.) Dating Factory has a simple system that allows you to create your own private label, or “white label”, as it is sometimes known, dating sites in more than 40 different niches.

You’ll have access to custom graphics, ready-built site templates, easy-to-use WYSIWYG text editors and even promotional tools to help you get your dating sites known.

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Marketing for the White Label Dating and Business to Business sector (B2B) is no easy task.

With the model I’m going to recommend, you allow people to join for free, but they’ll have limited access to the sites’ resources.