Start Problems updating adobe air

Problems updating adobe air

After investigation, it was found that only AIR applications signed using RSA-1024 certificates generated using the ADT tool (in the AIR packager) were affected.

Google has recently started rolling out an update to Android (OS 5.0 – Lollipop) on select devices.

Unfortunately, this operating system upgrade has caused problems with AIR based applications.

Later on Adobe Air said it needed to be updated so I clicked OK, but the update hung and would not finish.

After that my Flash player said it needed to update and did the same thing.

Here is the Adobe Air troubleshooting page that also discusses how to uninstall the app.

I'd recommend (you seem to be trying this but I'll say it anyway) completely uninstalling both and then reinstalling.

For example I need to stop the autoupdate of adobe acrobat reader: 1.

Find the registry keys and values for the product to stop the autoupdate. above KB gives me an idea that the b Updater value will determine whether the update is enabled or remember that for various versions of acrobat the location of this key will change so if i want for all versions I need to create separate policies.

Because the root problem is within the OS, a fix will be made available by Google in one of their upcoming OTA updates for Android 5.0.

For developers who intend to publish new AIR applications on the Play Store, Adobe is now providing a patched version of the AIR Packager.

If you are deploying Flash Player 8 or later, store the file in the following location depending on the operating system: * Windows XP, Vista --C:\WINDOWS\System32\Macr * Windows 64-bit -- C:\Windows\Sys WOW64 For player versions earlier than Flash Player 8, store the file in the following location depending on the operating system: * Windows XP, Vista-- C:\WINDOWS\System32 * Windows 64-bit -- C:\Windows\Sys WOW64 Note: Flash Player 8 and later versions can read from either the new or old location.