Start Problems updating adobe air

Problems updating adobe air

My computer came with Adobe Flash and Reader installed on it.

I'd recommend (you seem to be trying this but I'll say it anyway) completely uninstalling both and then reinstalling.

Auto Update Disable=1 Auto Update Interval=1 are no built-in group policy to stop auto updates to third applications.

I will briefly chart out how to go about creating a custom policy in this scenario.

Unfortunately, all those settings are managed by registry entries. Administrator configuration of auto-update notification Administrators can configure auto-update notification settings by deploying a file named

You have to prepare your own Administrative Template (ADM file) and import to GPO. The file is intended for configuration by an IT administrator and is stored on the user's computer.

Because the root problem is within the OS, a fix will be made available by Google in one of their upcoming OTA updates for Android 5.0.

For developers who intend to publish new AIR applications on the Play Store, Adobe is now providing a patched version of the AIR Packager.

After investigation, it was found that only AIR applications signed using RSA-1024 certificates generated using the ADT tool (in the AIR packager) were affected.