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His only consolation was the shocked expressions around the Hogwarts breakfast table, it was clearly news to Minerva and Hagrid as well.

Albus didn't even bother with a greeting but got straight to the point. Particularly the quote from Mr Potter.""Well Albus, since Mr Potter knew I was going to be contacting the Prophet, he made the quote to me so I would pass it on.

That the Prophet printed a quote from a muggle was another sign of how the times were changing.

Dan Granger's words would have the same effect on their world as they had in his own, though for a slightly different reason.

You appear to think the law is your personal plaything to do with as you please, I would have thought spending some time in one of our cells would have taught you it most certainly is not."She tried to reign in her temper but this sanctimonious, hypocritical old bastard really rubbed her up the wrong way.

"I watched eight muggle bodies removed from that wreckage yesterday, six of them children.

Where is the process of law in Mr Potter tracking these people down to murder them?

"Amelia exploded at the sheer impudence of this old bugger, he wasn't getting away with that.

"Harry originally wanted to make it twenty-four hours but he was absolutely exhausted.