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Poem dating myself

What I mean is, have you ever felt the ache of swallowing star light? My first crush was on Bennie the Jet Rodrigez, I swear that boy runs so fast, he could fly by foot. But when I say I am a humming bird I mean sometimes my hands forget how to hold, become two tea cups in an earthquake, my body is a rattle of splintered bones but when I say my body, I mean blood guts and then some …. I’ve spent an entire year sleeping on a bed of swords and was not cut once.

I also like to get high enough to look myself in the third eye but when I say I like to get high I mean sometimes after I shower I thank the towel. But I popped it and locked it, then dropped it and lost it. Love made me feel like I knew the answer, but when I raised my hand, I was the only one in the room. I mean, my kiss tastes like a shotgun to the lips – you’ll like it – it’d make you feel brave.

And, all of them, except the special guest stars, the celebrities, are writing slam poems and performing slam poems on Def Poetry, so to me, Def Poetry is still extremely slam-informed, and I think it will probably always be.

What they say about Def Poetry is that it wants to bring an urban feel.

Def Poetry premiered on HBO in 2002 and the latest season to air (Season 6) premiered in February 2007.