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Online dating revenue 2016

And this growth isn’t unique to China – all four Asia Pacific countries App Annie examined have seen a boost in revenue from live streaming, with Southeast Asia recording a 9x combined i OS and Google Play revenue growth.

Match’s indirect (ad) revenue represented just ~5% of total dating revenue in 2016.

While Match will not tarnish the user experience with excessive advertising, there is certainly ample room to grow this business as users increase and advertising becomes more targeted.

The report has revealed that in China alone, the live streaming market is predicted to be worth a whopping $5bn by the end of 2017.

Some of that will come from taking the app to new markets, such as India, Turkey and Brazil.

Match has stated that direct ad sales efforts are growing with direct sales on track to triple in 1Q17 when compared to 1Q16.

Match also recently announced a deal with Facebook in which they will provide Match with excess ad inventory.

These apps are often published by leading Internet and communication giants such as Baidu and Tencent.” And although Asia’s live streaming market is more advanced than most, this is part of a larger global tech trend, with some of the biggest US tech companies like Instagram and Facebook making big moves into the space last year.

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