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An odd thing for a 3 year old boy to get interested in.

My black jumbo Taylor is modeled after the Everly's guitar.

God bless you Phil, I'm sure you went straight to heaven, on the Wings Of A Nightingale!

Rick Diaz It's always sad when a musical icon passes and Phil Everly was one of the largest. loved you for years and was so sad to hear you had died.

How fortunate we were to have grown up in the 50's and to have had their songs a part of lives ever since. Thanks You for the fun times we shared so long ago, for accepting me as you friend into you life!!

Great times with you and Don, and thanks for being so kind to my mom as she adored both of you.

I was young when I first heard Don and Phil and their harmonies were stamped on my soul.

I remember so well buying my first 45 record with my babysitting money.

Loved the Everly bros., was in high school in the 50's, they are A big part of the good memories.