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The University Football Club has a proud tradition which dates back to the early 1900s.

Wei Pan on lunch break at her pharmaceutical research company / Sushma Subramanian. The resumes fluttering from taut clotheslines relayed the hard facts: age, height, education, property, salary.

” text message rolling in past last-call—is irrelevant to the date, and to the sex itself. Here is a basic rule that I am so totally sure of that I’ll take the “sexist” hit for it: unless the date went bad-bad (like, your hookup’s wife came home in the middle of it, or you’re calling your best friend in tears instead of champion-mode) in heteronormie dating situations, a post-date communication is required, and it is required the next day, and—wait for it—it is required (by me) that the communication be initiated by the guy. ) In the Paleolithic dating era of ten years ago or whatever, you basically had to speak to someone in real time to ask them out—which, from a millennial perspective, is Titanic-romantic—but then the “next day” or “three day” or “next week” thing involved a lot of literal waiting around for the phone to ring, and traumatic answering-machine drama.

“Nu-dating,” which is what I like to call any romantic and/or sexual activity that is primarily conducted over an i Phone (Tinder, texting, sneaking into each other’s DMs with a half-empty bottle of wine and some condoms) is harsh and cold and not, like, etiquette-oriented, but you’re not less owed a human response from someone you met, dated or did it with because you met via data. (Somehow, somewhere, a gong was just struck indicating the sexist-ness of what I just wrote. This generation of dating has been given internet-telephone dating power, and with that comes great—or even just the teeny-tiniest possible amount—of social responsibility.

During its time in the Western Australian Amateur Football League, the University Football Club has won over 70 Premierships across all grades (almost double the number of the next most successful club).