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Naked icq

the perfect complement to icq would be to make it open-source and let it get out onto the unix platforms as well.

you can check out all the versions on the icq download page.

it looks like icq will be adding features such as internet telephony, chatting with other users on the same website you are on (a la gooey and others), and integrating with internet relay chat (irc).

Other emoji due to be added to Unicode 10.0 in the middle of 2017 include a zombie, an exploding head, a flying saucer and a number of animals including a hedgehog.

apparently, icq has made an alpha version of its newest icq software, icq 2000a, available to the general public.

Other instant messaging utilities include AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Each utility has its own format for communication, though, and they generally won't talk to each other.

If you can't arrange for all your friends to use the same program, you may have to run more than one.

2002, Icarus 157, 323) [ICQ 123] B = Van Biesbroeck/Bobrovnikoff/Meisel (VBM) or simple Out-Out method b = VBM method using RCA #4549 image intensifier (see method 'e' below) C = unfiltered total CCD magnitude (fairly well approximates the Johnson V band) c = unfiltered nuclear CCD magnitude (fairly well approximates the Johnson V band) D = Cousins B filter d = Astrodon G filter ("the Green filter in Astrodon's RGB tri-color set; the filter is really meant for making pretty color pictures; it is close enough to Johnson V that there should not be too much difference between the two" -- Carl Hergenrother). (If the comet was seen, and an observer simply says that it was fainter than a given magnitude, a '' sign is used, instead.) Published after the date in the ICQ (and listed in computer and on magnetic tape files between the reference and the observer code) are symbols and letters to indicate special observing conditions or factors [NOTE: some of these symbols have not yet appeared (and some will never appear) in the printed ICQ]: ?