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Music from the dating game

For this revival's first season, two formats were used.

A Board Game based on the 1986 version was released by Pressman in 1987.

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There was this one sentence 'I simply love watching that eyebrow'. You love- I repeat - love, watching someone's eyebrows? I should've read the first but I really don't care, the blurb of Dating Game really caught my eye more than anythin"Admit it, you were just sent from the heavens as a cruel joke to torture me. Not even remotely fair.""Feelin' kind of bendy lately," I said to myself under my breath.

The winner is the lady who takes the other on the best date.

The same question could be asked to multiple bachelors.

The questions were written in advance by the producers.

All three of the potential dates had their names revealed before the questioning started as well, something that wasn't done on any version of TDG prior.