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Most intimidating looking dogs

On size alone this massive mutt has the ability to intimidate.

Therefore training and early socialisation are essential.

This dog is restricted in several US states and European countries.

This agile and muscular dog was bred as a big game hunter’s companion able to bring down wild boar and pumas.

Often referred to as wolfdogs these dogs are at least half wolf and as such may be virtually indistinguishable from a pure wolf.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is thought to be the direct descendant of the ancient Roman Molossus used for both war and the bloodthirsty arena.

In essence this dog was bred to be a capable killer making it a popular guard dog and defender.

There a three ingredients to a fatal dog attack; size and power of the dog, aggression and not to be overlooked a reason – usually lack of training and maltreatment…