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Mellody hobson dating

But they also insist she would have pushed for bringing the museum to Chicago even if it wasn't her husband's art collection to be featured."Mellody is the kind of person that, when you meet her, you instantly understand your life will now be better with her in it," Facebook's Sandberg said.

Prior to his career as a senator, Bradley was a star basketball player at Princeton and then a major asset to the New York Knicks for ten years (right). Bradley is known as one of the best college basketball players of all time and went on to play for the New York Knicks from 1967 until 1977. Late last year, Lucas, who was already a billionaire from his Star Wars empire, sold his company Lucas Films to Disney for over $4 billion.

And as a presidential candidate hoping to clench the Democratic nomination in 2000, Bradley famously spoke the lines, 'How should we Democrats select the next presidential nominee?

Critics wondered why the 46-year-old president of Ariel Investments was linking the museum project to minority children.

Others have been wary of any special treatment for the project and its affluent supporters.

This will be her first marriage and Lucas’s second; he previously was married to film editor Marcia Lou Griffin.

is airing tonight, and George Lucas is being honored this year.

In 2013, Hobson and Lucas received perks during the couple's wedding party at Promontory Point.