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The police urged both the driver and the mechanic to come forward, but there was no report of anyone doing so.

The baby was returned to her parents, and the police looked for a suspect, but none was ever found.

Three days after the baby was returned, the Lucas family got a long letter confessing to the crime.

In the letter, the writer identified herself as a 28-year-old woman whose husband and a child had died recently.

The driver couldn’t see it well because the street wasn’t lit well, so they drove over the lump and was surprised when it felt more like a speed bump.

Numerous developments have occurred in this area; one such being the creation of an online database system for the identification of footwear marks, created by the now closed Forensic Science Service in the UK back in 2007.

This database called ‘Footwear Intelligence Technology’ (FIT) contains thousands of footwear prints and impressions which can be used to quickly identify the footwear that caused the mark.

Brett died from her injuries, and it wasn’t obvious if the first or second car killed her.